Thursday, October 21, 2004

Odd Couple

The Odd couple is a story which was written by Polly toynbee. The main characters are Charlotte and John Fedders.The plot of the story is completly predictible and is based on the true facts but with tragic consequenses which make me feel to think about sence of lafe.
Charlotte and john fedders were the archetypal saccsesful Washington Couple.He was a young lawer zooming up the status ladder in the fast lane.Charlotte was working in a small flower shop as a shop assistant.They were a crisp clean-living Catholic couple with five young sons,living in a gleaming colonial mansion. From the outside they seemed to have it all the best country clubs,
the best Catholic private scools for their children.
Events take a dramatic turn when John was selected for a top job which brought him into the public eye.John Fedders life fell apart.Or,at least,his image of it,which for him was the same thing.His prevate life had always been a catastrophebut one well hidden.The last straw for his wife came the day he started to turn his violent rage against his sons.Charlotte got her divorce.
Charlotte Fedders now seems like a self-confident and articulate woman.She makes speeches on battered wives up and down the country.She wrote a book about her awful life.Now this book is a fascinating but dispiriting read.
It is a terrible pattern:this story has caused such a stir in America as it forces attention on the family life of the high achievers.I would reccomend to read it those women who become a victim of violence of their husbands and not to put up with it but try to escape from it.